Foreign Currencies Auction at CBI on Saturday 6-27-15

On Saturday, a statement issued by CBI that the Iraqi Central Bank opened window for daily buying and selling of foreign currencies and it reached at 282 million U.S dollars in the daily auction by the Central Bank of Iraq. The statement further said that 22 banks participated in this auction and 3 funds transfer companies also involved in this auction. The Central Bank sold Iraqi dinar at the official rate of 1166 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. Total amount sold by the Iraqi Central Bank is recorded at 278 million 879 hundred 938 U.S dollars. After including commission by the Central Bank for transferring funds abroad, the sold rate for U.S dollar reached at 1187 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar and after adding commission for local banks, it reached at 1190 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollars in which CBI included its 24 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar.

The statement said that total amount sold by the Iraqi Central Bank to funds transfer companies and banks from 1st April 2015 to 27th June 2015 are 17,528,670,862 U.S dollars. CBI further said that the total amount sold in the time period of 4th January 2015 to 27th June 2015 is 24,719,768,000 U.S dollars.

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