Foods and Drinks in Iraq

Iraqi is very fond of eating and drinking. Along with the routine foods, there are some specialties in the foods that you can enjoy and remember for whole life if you visit Iraq. The dome is one of the most eaten dishes in the Iraq which is prepared meat and rice. Cucumber is added in Dolma to enhance the taste of Dolma. So take a chance to eat Dolma during your visit to Iraq.

The Tikka is the second most famous food in Iraq. It is prepared on the special events in the Iraq. It is also less costly than other specialties of foods in Iraq. You need some Iraqi Dinar to buy some mutton and just grill it on the fire with your own taste of species. Quasi is the last one and the best one food in the list of Iraqi food specialties. This dish is prepared by hanging a small full lamb on the grill. The lamb is stuffed with the rice and roasts on the fire.

This is one of the delicious things to eat. I personally like this very much. This food is also prepared in the Pakistani tribal areas for the special guests. If you are in Iraq, you must know few important things about foods and drinks. Drinking alcohol in the public place and in the open areas is not allowed even if you are a foreigner. It is only available in the international hotels.

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