Five International Exhibitions Planned in Iraq in April 2015

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – Muhammad Jassim Abbas, the Director of Associate General Company for Iraqi Commercial Division Trade Services of the Ministry said in a statement that we are continuously organizing Special and General International Exhibitions in the central Baghdad. He said that in the month of April, five International exhibitions have been planned in Iraq.

He said that these exhibitions will be started from the second week of April. One exhibition on Electricity will be held from 8-11 April. The Second Exhibition will be held on Food and Agriculture from 20-22 April. The third International exhibition on Book Fair will be held in Baghdad from 16-22 April. The next exhibition is planned in Erbil and this exhibition will take place on the Oil and Gas from 22-25 April. The fifth and final exhibition will be held in Erbil as the Erbil International Book Fair exhibition from 2-11 May 2015. He also confirmed that we have organized nine International exhibitions over the past three months in Baghdad and other provinces, such as Basra exhibition for investment and construction, in Najaf for International Trade, Energy for air conditioning and lighting, Gallery Folklore, Property and Investment and Syrian textiles, International Security and Defense, and the Iranian products exhibition. He said that the companies who have participated in these exhibitions are the major colleagues globally. He stressed that these exhibitions resulted remarkable attention by the officials and citizens in the country.

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