Finance Ministry is providing 100,000 Jobs and return of Military personnel in Defense Ministry

The Iraqi Finance Ministry has announced that more than 250,000 Iraqi people will come back to service in the Iraqi interior and defense ministries. The Undersecretary of the Finance Ministry, Maher Hammad Johan issued a press statement. The statement said it is a necessary part of the work by the Ministry of Finance in order to fulfill the demands of the demonstrators. He cataloged at the same time the demands of citizens, especially since part of these demands brought about to complete some of the paragraphs. These are actually in the budget law and to bring former military personnel to the post quickly.

Finance Ministry is providing 100,000 Jobs and return of Military Personals in Defense Ministry

Hammad Johan added that Finance Ministry has worked hard to complete the file on the return of employees of the defense and interior ministries months before. They were waiting for the appropriate decision of the 2 ministries to complete the integrated for those who are hostile to the security of information. It is noteworthy that the Finance Ministry responded on the same day in which the information received from the Ministry of Defense that 108 thousand of military personnel have been returned to the job. Hammad Johan pointed out that the Finance Ministry reflected the measure by transferring allocation and adding grades and entering them in the file.

He added that the ministry also launched a file to return the military to the liberated areas. He also pointed out that the number of those who were returned or will be returned to the Ministry of Defense may reach 200 thousand added to nearly 20 thousand in the Ministry of Interior. He said that it is not possible for the Ministry of Finance to get out of the Iraqi street and can’t isolate itself from society. Hammad Johann pointed out that this matter was applied to the provision of job grades and applies to the subject of services and infrastructure. He added that it was complaining of financial deficits and major problems as a result of the crises that have passed in the country.

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