Final Round to Keep or Terminate Al-Obeidi on Tuesday: Adel Nouri

The spokesman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Integrity Commission Adel Nouri said that the Iraqi House of Representatives is not looking to terminate Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obeidi.

He also criticized the failing of some political parties against internal & external pressure for threatening them from their posts. He also pointed out that there is not a feasible situation due to threatening by some internal and external forces. He stressed that it clearly indicates that there is a massive corruption inside the Iraqi Parliament. Nouri said in a press statement that a special meeting will take place on Tuesday next week of Iraqi House of Representatives. The decision on the issue of Iraqi Defense Minister is now linked to legislative authority, so this session has its own importance and it would change scenario in the country.

Adel Nouri

Nouri further added that a number of members of Iraqi Parliament have showed self-possession of Iraq and Iraqi Parliament. Most of them are agreed against opinion on answering about Obeidi that not to terminate him due to unseen pressure from their parties. They need to keep him on his position because those parties want to keep their corrupt persons on their positions. He added that their double-behavior would affect badly in front of their supporters and fans. He also pointed out that there is not pull-back situation due to the alleged corruption happened and the final rounds of Iraqi Parliament and the Political blocs have started because of corrupt persons inside the Iraqi Parliament. He also confirmed that there is a handsome majority looking to terminate Iraqi Defense Minister from his post and we believe that votes of a little amount of corrupt people will not affect on terminating Al-Obeidi.

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