Fed to Send 300 Billion Dinars to Kurdistan

On Wednesday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has announced that the Iraqi government will deliver 300 billion Iraqi dinars on next Sunday, to the Kurdistan Regional Government. A member of the Finance Committee from Kurdistan Alliance Sarhan Slevana issued a press statement that Kurdistan Regional Government will receive 300 billion Iraqi dinars after the holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr, as collected from export of oil produced by the Kurdistan Region.

Slevana also predicted that Kurdistan province has now issued its oil delivery to Baghdad, but we haven’t seen any sign to start next dialog session to solve oil issues between Baghdad and Erbil. There are a number of issued between Iraq and Kurdistan that should be resolved in order to making Iraqi economy stronger. The Iraqi Federal Government has delivered 543 billion Iraqi dinars in the month of May to Kurdistan Regional Government for the month of April 2015. The amount of 33 billion Iraqi dinars are also included for Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces and 10 billion Iraqi dinars is the shares for the region for the federal budget for this current fiscal year 2015. Most of the economic expert said that next dialog session between Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government will be start very soon.

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