Failure of Kurdistan Independence will initiate a Bloody War: Barzani

The President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani issued a statement on Tuesday and indicated an expected bloody war for not execution of referendum process for independence. Barzani delivered his words at a news conference in Brussels. He said that we will not draw back from the referendum planned in the month of September 2017. He also warned about a bloody war in the failure of the Kurds for independence. Barzani further added that “I am not optimistic and I expect future crises in the region”. He stressed that we can’t withdraw from the decision to arrange the referendum and it will take place on decided date on 25th September 2017. He said that there is a perfect coordination between Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga forces, but there were some violations reported from the popular crowd in various areas. It really generated more worries to us about working together in the coming time period.

Failure of Kurdistan Independence will initiate a Bloody War: BarzaniBarzani also pointed out that we are feeling great fear in the coming period after the termination of Daesh elements from the Mosul city. He added that the Peshmerga forces bravely managed to terminate Daesh from the region and killed at least 15,000 members connected to Daesh organization. The head of the Kurdistan region also indicated that the Belgian government has announced to send its observers for the referendum scheduled to be held on 25th September in the current year. The people of Kurdistan Region will show their willingness in the right of self-determination for the independence of their Kurdistan Region. Barzani informed reporters after the meeting with the President of the Flanders region in Belgium. He also collected a message from here for the people of Kurdistan Region that is creating an environment for independence and Kurdish people will cast their ballots on 25th September 2017. He indicated that the war against Daesh organization hasn’t yet finished and Belgium has agreed to continue the Kurdistan military support.

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