Facility announced by Iraqi Government for Investors working in Iraq

The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mehdi Al-Alak issued a statement that Iraqi government is looking to open new doors for investment in the country. A statement issued by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that Al-Alak met with the director of Shell Company, Andrew Brown. A representative of the British Embassy, Kelly and in-charge of Affairs, Mariel Khairat were also present in the meeting. It was also said in the statement that Iraqi government is committed opening new doors for investment in the country after the conference in Kuwait regarding reconstruction in Iraq. He added that a package will be announced very soon for the investors working in Iraq. He pointed out the most dedicated activities and preparations from the Iraqi government for a reconciliation conference to be held in Nineveh very soon. The director of Shell Company also congratulated the Iraqi government for their massive efforts and final victory against terrorist organizations & groups, and for providing a peaceful environment for international investors.

Facility for investors

Brown also expressed achievements of the company in Iraq and suggested as a great place for investment point of view. A press statement issued by a financial expert Essam Mahaweli that the announced amount from the countries participating in reconstruction projects in Iraq will be suitable to ensure their share in the operation. It will provide a much better start of reconstruction in the most affected areas destructed by terrorist organizations and groups. He added that most of the amount will be utilized for these countries to offer their own construction companies to start the initial stage of operations for new projects using payment of these funds. A statement also published on the official website of Iraqi Ministry of Finance. It indicates that Iraqi government received funding from the World Bank to manage the cost of the modernization of the public financial management systems in the country.

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