Experts Looking Ahead to Build a New Aggressive Plan for Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Monday, A famous economic expert Muhammad Abdul-Zahra issued a statement that the Iraqi government has made a top-priority economic and financial plan in order to manage the Iraqi dinar stability against the U.S dollar. He further added that it is most important for survival in current critical financial and economic situation. Point to be noted that Iraq has been faced a number of serious economic and financial crises such as delays in the execution of some important projects, unavailability or deficiency of financial fluidity and an extra delay in paying staff salaries.

It is also said that all those factors have been involved and participated in the instability of Iraqi dinar against the U.S dollar. Muhammad Abdul-Zahra further added that Iraqi government is looking for an urgent economic and financial plan in order to stop the increasing a number of major economic and financial crises in the country. The Iraqi government is also looking to implement economic reform package, it would also support the Iraqi economy and it will provide much better support in order to stabilize the Iraqi dinar currency. This economic reform package would also provide an ease to the Iraqi people.

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