Expected to increase business expenses to 102.7 trillion dinars

Expected to increase business expenses to 102.7 trillion dinars

12/16/2013 0:00

Report calls for the strengthening of the national output to confront
Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi – Farah pumice
economist said the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that the volume of trade to Iraq with the world amounted to about 73 billion dollars, including imports of government, while the import of services was estimated at 20 billion dollars as services provided to the government and individuals.

intended trade exchange as a voluntary exchange of goods, or services, or both between the two parties (bilateral trade) or between more than two parties (trade manifold) It is possible to be paid by private traders or government side, under an agreement with other countries. Iraq importer of goods and Saleh explained in a statement to the (morning) that the increase in the volume of trade exchanges, the size of public spending, which is dominated by the popularity of buy household items in the light of the apparent absence of industry or national production, noting that Iraq imports all goods and issue a single commodity, namely oil is generates a significant risk to the national economy over the long term unless the productive sectors such as agriculture do and industry. He explained that this underscores the need to build margins and preventive sufficient financial urgently because the financial performance and the outside of Iraq is the extreme sensitivity to fluctuations in oil prices. growing spending , according to the IMF report, which predicted that the growing rate of business expenses for the country to 85.5 trillion dinars during the next year , and 85.9 in 2015 and 89.0 in 2016 and 95.7 trillion dinars in 2017 to reach in 2018 the amount of 102.7 trillion dinars. Underlines the need to strengthen national production and reduce imports of luxury and non-essential and which can be manufactured locally after the development of the private sector. regionally and noted the benefit that the limits of the private sector in the field of trade does not exceed Ocean regional and East Asian countries and the Middle East, noting that Iran’s exports to Iraq amounted to 6 billion dollars, according to sources, explaining that it comes to the reasons for the speed of arrival of goods and ease of business deals as the language an important role in the success of the businesstransaction confirms that Iraqi traders to Aataamilon frequently with European Union countries as they deal with China or the center of trade in the Middle East of Dubai. Import services and Saleh said the import of services including consultancy or legal Internet or other treatment, estimated at about 30 percent of the value of imports which is estimated at 20 billion dollars as services provided to the government and individuals. Pointing out that the government imports are foodstuffs such as sugar, rice, edible oil and wheat, in addition to Calcment construction materials, iron and other equipment. He hinted that the trade in general serve the economic process of the country in the short term because the country imports most of the goods while he possesses no strong industry limit the import and the origins of the specification is good, calling attention to this aspect and activating the role of the private sector after the achievement of security and political stability and the country’s economic . revenue doubling , an expert on international trade Tawfiq Hassoun Ali said in a statement (morning): “The movement of trade will create significant revenue for the country through global trade, by establishing trade area international free in the area of a triangle FAO,” referring to it The “best and the most important areas globally,” to be the supporting and retaining the port of Faw. explained that Iraq’s imports from Turkey are estimated at 20 billion dollars, while exports to them are almost non-existent, urging the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and other stakeholders to activate their role and adapt to the changing situation in Iraq , and out of the central system. called to activate the role of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in attracting investors, especially as the Union is lung governing the trade balance, as it contributes to gain investor and trader external and encourages the importer, as well as that he must coordinate with the Ministry of Transport and the Union of carriers to contribute to the process of trade, especially as the country’s economy, a unilateral export of oil, as there is no activation of the productive sectors and thus the diversity of exports.


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