Expected to increase inflation to more than 4%


inflationBAGHDAD / JD / .. predicted the parliamentary Economic Committee increased rates of economic inflation to more than 4% during the current year as a result of increasing the federal budget deficit to more than 35 trillion dinars.

The decision of the Committee Deputy Mahma Khalil told / JD /: “The federal budget for the year 2014 and has developed a way that is well thought out scientifically and practically made operational expenses over investment, which caused an increase of the fiscal deficit to more than 35 trillion dinars due to increased expenses at the expense of fiscal revenue” .

He added that the adoption of the budget in its current form would increase inflation in the economic market to more than 4% due to higher expense ratio compared to the size of the revenue approved by (95%) of oil in the budget.

The federal budget for the year 2014 by the Council of Ministers approved at $ 164 trillion dinars placed on the basis of the sale price of oil at 90 dollars and the rate of export (3.2) million barrels per day. / End / 8 /


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