European Stocks Fell Again

World NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was reported that the European stocks fell on Friday because of the increase in the geopolitical tensions that made President Barack Obama increase the air strikes in Iraq. The first index fell by 300 points at 0708 GMT, the FTS Euro first was a major European company share that lead to 0.9 percent loss and 1302.48 points. This loss has added to the total loss of seven percent that has taken place since the past 8 weeks almost.

The airstrikes done by the US on President Obama’s demand were a reason for possible genocide. This was a cause for stoppage on the production of oil and resulted in lowering the stocks too. The production of oil listed in the London Stock Exchange 6.3 percent after the suspended production at the oil field in the Kurdistan region of Iraq lead to the progress of the organization of militants of the Islamic State. The war reasons in Iraq have a strong issue with the oil production. This breakage in the production of oil causes a dip in the foreign index.

Across Europe, the FTSE fell 100 was down 0.2 percent at the open, while France’s CAC 40 fell 0.9 percent and Germany’s DAX 1.1 percent.

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