EU Support For Iraq And Middle East To Out Of Crisis

EU Support For Iraq And Middle East To Out Of Crisis

Leader of Islamic Council of Iraq, Ammar al Hakim is stressing the European Union to contribute to the support of Iraq, and assist the country to get out of chapter VII. Ammar al Hakeem said that we should map out the basic structure of the new legislation in order to remove the chapter vii.

A statement on Wednesday, Jan.23 by SIIC, quoted Hakeem during welcoming the European Ambassador, headed by the EU’s representative in Baghdad, and said that the EU should give a helping hand to the Iraq in order to make its democracy a successful democracy. He further expressed the interests in the Union’s interests in order to solve the problems of Iraq and Middle East. He said Dinar should play an important role in order to build the economic conditions. Ammar al Hakim during a meeting with EU ambassador said that Iraq’s main problem nowadays is instability, security threats, poor legislations and lack of administrative power. He said, Iraq needs to be well established in its structure from its basis in every field of life.

Hakeem goes over the Iraq’s present political condition and his rebuff towards the eliminations of our imagining any component of Iraq. He said that EU’s assistance for Iraq will be in the best interest of Iraq. He emphasized that only peaceful marches are acceptable constitutional rights, and the demonstrators are citizens of Iraq with their genuine demands. Government is fulfilling the legitimate demands, and we appreciate this very much because the survival of Iraq is only dependent on the better legislation and dedicated decisions . By following laws and constitutions, responsibility to solve the crises is a joint one, and this is the matter where all sides are equal and bear the same intentions and in this scenario, the assistance of the EU is the blessing in guise.

Ammar al Hakim also gave a lot of emphasis to the EU in order to find a complete and easy solution for the Syrian crisis as Syria highly disrobed with currency political instability, conflicts between the army and public and Civil war. In this way, it has become very important to get Syria out of the crisis. This is important for Iraq to give Syria a complete assistance in this regard. He said that it’s a time for Syria to give the best assistance, and to clear the selected areas in a selective way.

Emaar al Hakim also stressed to solve the uncertainties in Bahrain, urging the EU to exert more efforts in order to calm the situation that would minimize the tensions among the Arab states and Iran. He said that the EU should initiate the flame of pace, and then it would itself be taken by the stakeholders to carry out the process of peace in all over the Middle East.

EU ambassador said that Iran is an important entity in this region and EU encourages to dialogue with it towards reaching a peaceful solution in order to solve the nuclear crisis. He said at the end of the meeting that all of the Middle East states have common interests, And it should be resolved by much.

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