The Estimated Loss For Delay Budget in Iraq is $400 Million: Virtue

Iraq Budget 2014Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The delay in budget has become a criminal negligence on the part of government of Iraq if we look at its negative impacts on the economy of Iraq. The delay in budget has divided the country and also abundant Iraq alone in the region. Kurdistan regional government is looking to print its own currency due to lack of funds for daily use that means Kurdistan is planning its own separate home land.

The currency will be in the market in the next few days. Report shows that Iraq is facing 400 million dollar loss a day. Iraq is not in a position to bear this kind of loss when it is already in the state of war with ISIS. The finance ministry of Iraq could not issue funds for ongoing projects in the country. These projects are development nature and always require essential funds to meet day to day business requirements. Most of the development projects in Iraq have closed in the country and most of the foreign investors have stopped working on these projects due to lack of funds. Iraq needs to approve annual budget to avoid further financial losses.

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