Entire Branches of Al-Rafidain Bank will issue MasterCard for Media Journalists

Al-Rafidain Bank is working hard to improve its services. The Bank recently issued instructions for its branches in Baghdad and all Iraqi provinces. New instructions were issued to facilitate the international journalists by offering an ease in the procedures of granting the MasterCard for them. The information office of the Bank issued a statement that entire branches of the bank were directed to issue MasterCard to journalists. So, journalists will now be able to visit any branch of Al-Rafidain Bank along with their personal documents in order to avail the facility of MasterCard. A source at the Bank informed that the essential documents include simple financial balance, a passport, Unified National ID card or identity card as well as housing card in order to activate their account of the International (MasterCard) card. Point to be noted that journalists and media outlets forwarded their request to Al-Rafidain Bank on 13th December regarding the issuance of one of their international electronic payment tools, MasterCard to them.

Entire Branches of Al-Rafidain Bank will issue MasterCard for Media JournalistsSome journalists informed that Al-Rafidain Bank has confirmed their current effort in providing multiple services to various segments of society. They appealed to issue international MasterCard for media professionals and provide electronic facilities for them. It is essential to provide freedom of financial transaction with banks and ATMs due to they frequently travel inside and out of Iraq. The issuance of MasterCard would allow them in settling their salaries in government and private banks. It would also decrease paperwork and prevent the risk of carrying money with them. On 11th October, Al-Rafidain Bank announced the issuance of electronic payment tools including MasterCard for international staff, retirees, and a number of Iraqi citizens from different segments of society. Now, the Bank has instructed for the first time to its entire branches about the issuance of one of the announced electronic payment tools (MasterCard).

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