Electronic Payment System is essential for Economic Reforms and to fight against Corruption

The Iraqi Prime Minister stressed the importance of e-transactions and the electronic payment systems in his speech. A number of specialists and economists realized that the endorsement of advanced technology is an essential element to be the seed of economic reform. The Iraqi PM renewed calls to face corruption in a real and perfect acceptance of advanced technology being used internationally. They adopted locally with support from competent companies and interacted with the public. The electronic payment system must be adopted to face corruption. It would convey the reality of government performance to a better phase by finalizing operations electronically.

Electronic Payment System is essential for Economic Reforms and to fight against Corruption

The financial adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Saleh stressed the need to adopt advanced electronic payment technology. It represents a qualitative boost in the process of transactions and the performance of the government. The financial and other business sectors can get benefit from the successful experience of the advanced electronic payment systems. Saleh added that the work to enhance government performance needs to get the advantage of technological developments. We must pay attention to the local effort on electronic payment and expand its activity to achieve more than the benefit of the completion of work on time. It will provide employment opportunities for young people directly to workers in this sector and indirect in supporting sectors.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Jassim Al-Aradi said that the process of economic reform sought by the country needs the acceptance of mechanisms for the work of the court is not manipulated. It is relying on electronic payment mechanisms that must be adopted in all dealings without the need for friction between the references different institution name. The mechanisms will ensure effective performance with a calendar control by a particular entity and strong control during the implementation of works or projects or the performance of different institutions. Al-Aradi also pointed out the importance of performance for institutions to be fast and professional away from complexity.

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