Electricity Improvision In Iraq

Iraq needs to update itself to come at par with the rest of the world and get over the issues that it has been facing since long. The ministry of Electricity tried to settle down things for a better system of management for the people of Baghdad. The technical and the engineering staff worked very hard to facilitate the public in a much better way and provide the area with a better facility of electricity. Service stations were set up in different cities; a thermal power station was set up in the South of Baghdad which is equal to 400 KV. Mussayyib was given a gas power station to provide 400 KV of electricity. Iraq had been facing shortage of electricity since the year 1989 and although the power hours were increased yet the attacks were too high to cause further problems for the country.

The people of Iraq had been facing power shortage and power disconnection for upto 20 hours a day, which was causing a lot of trouble to live a good life. By focusing in electricity projects the management of different things has become helpful in the management of producing electricity and handling of it in a much better way.

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