Economists Assure Iraq on Bankruptcy Avoidance

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – On Tuesday, an economic expert Jamil Antoine assured that the citizens who have deposited their money in banks are safe, and Iraq will not become bankrupt because Iraqi oil is a big guarantee. He further said that the bankruptcy in the state is not a big issue because Iraq has a huge oil reserves. Mostly the rumors play a major role but a large numbers of people have withdrawn their assets from banks. This would not be long lasting and there are some methods like by liquidity, to resolve such kind of problems.

He also added that the Iraqi government will not take any delay in salaries payments of retirees and employees although Iraq is facing financial crisis but it will not disturb the Iraqi citizen’s income. It is also said that some rumors spreading the news to fear the Iraqi people about bankruptcy in Iraq, but of them are satisfied but some of them have withdrawn their money from the Iraqi banks, which point out the security threats and it could affect the state liquidity and economy.

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