Economic parliamentary warns of the budget subject

Economic parliamentary warns of the budget subject


Description decision parliamentary Economic Committee on Wednesday delayed the budget as “a real disaster for the Iraqi economy and the right of the citizen”, while stressing the need to keep the budget for political bargaining and electoral propaganda.

The decision of the Committee Deputy Mahma Khalil, for “time”, “The delayed and not to send the budget timing nor specified in each year is a real disaster for the right of the Iraqi economy and the psychological state of the citizen,” adding that “the budget is the people’s money and can not be compromised.”

The Khalil, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, that “the House of Representatives called on the government to be a budget compromise; does not include punitive and penal clauses,” noting that “the government remiss about this matter, and did not yet send the final accounts.”

He said he was “not in the interests of Parliament or political blocs, subjecting the budget for bargains political and electoral propaganda,” explaining that “there are attempts to push for delay Iraq economically, the fact that the country is losing millions of dollars for each day of delay in the issue of the budget, because the projects are delayed or implemented.”

He warned the decision parliamentary Economic Committee of “exploiting the budget for the election campaign, so it must be away from the history of political and propaganda campaign,” pointing out that “no one can postpone the elections, but the will of theHouse of Representatives, and the parliament voted on the election law earlier, and will be made in a timely manner specified “.

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