Turkey willing to expand economic cooperation with Iraq

Turkey willing to expand economic cooperation with Iraq


Alsumaria News / Ankara confirmed Turkey, Tuesday, willingness to expand economic and trade cooperation with Iraq, while stressing its commitment to the Iraqi constitution. said Development Minister Turkish Cevdet Yilmaz told a news conference, said that “Turkey and Iraq have mutual interests, especially in the economic field,” stressing ” his country’s readiness to expand cooperation and coordination between the two sides.”

said Yilmaz that “Iraq and Turkey have coordination and cooperation earlier in the field of energy,” noting that “Turkey would like to in the near future to expand cooperation in this area.” stressed Yilmaz that “Turkey is trying to abide by the constitution of Iraq,” He pointed out that this process will be coordination and cooperation between the two sides. ”

It is noteworthy that the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said, in (November 28, 2013), it is not possible for the federal government silence on the export of oil Kurdistan region without its consent, and in what was considered to act natural riches of Iraq without the approval of the federal government is an encroachment on Iraq, the price of the position of the Turkish government’s rejection of the export of oil from the Kurdistan region through its territory without the consent of the federal government.


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