Dollar Needs to be Strong Against Other Currencies Including Dinar, Experts

World NewsAfter a downfall in the value of Iraqi dinar in the international market, the value of US dollar increased in the international market. The thing that paved the way for Ira was the decline in the value of EU in the open market. The value of Iraqi dinar was also affected with the rise dollar in the global money market. Iraq is trying to enhance the value of dinar in the open market and will be disappointed with the rise in the value of US Dollar.

The economists in the world compare Iraqi dinar with the US currency, therefore it will 100% impact the value of Iraqi dinar in the open market. Therefore the central bank of Iraq decided to purchase more gold to enhance the gold reserves of Iraq. The total value of gold reserves of central bank of Iraq is 122 tons of the gold now, along with other components of reserves. The previous figure of gold reserve was 90 tons that is now 122 tons of the gold reserve. The new purchase of the gold will definitely help Iraq to maintain the value of its currency in the international market.

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