Do you see the year 2014 end to the economic crisis?

Do you see the year 2014 end to the economic crisis?

Towards the end of 2013 and looking forward to the new year, the first question that may come to mind is: are you going to see the end of the global financial crisis after five years of recession?
Despite the apparent recovery indicators on the world economy, but the answer may benegative.
Since the collapse of the ‘ Lehman brazers ‘ in 2008, the world longs to answer positively, but every year new carries new hopes without any of them to close, you would be 2014 different?
The latest economic reports indicate the recovery of the world’s largest economy to recovery, the GDP growth rate during the third quarter, rose by 3.6 per cent, amid a recovery in the labour market with unemployment rates above 7 percent, the lowest in five years.
In Europe, it has calmed down the financial crisis caused by sovereign debt, the worst recession in the euro area countries, amid expectations of a promising return of positive growth indicators, in addition to China, where growth is expected to slow, but enviable to the Asian giant, here’s your Japan returning to ‘ life ‘, thanks to the policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Overall, IMF expects high rates of global economic growth to 3.6 percent next year, from 2.9 percent this year.

Risk is the likelihood of the return of Federal Reserve (the US Central Bank) to a vast bond-buying to stimulate growth, the consequences for the global financial markets remain unknown.

And the world’s largest economies, the Japanese Government should press for further radical reforms, amid growing fears of a recession in Europe and a slowdown in some emerging economies such as China and India, despite its success in passing the worst periods of ‘ great recession ‘, the second is slower than the economy’s growth during the Decade, with the approach of general elections, the difficulty of defining the start of free-market reforms needed to spur growth because of political differences.
In China, the decision makers to curb soaring debt and fundamental reform to openfinancial markets and improving State-owned enterprises are already saturated, the complex and delicate political process may limit the growth rate of the country’s economyis expected to shrink to 7 percent next year, for the first time in 1990

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