Daash Trying to Control Oil Fields

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It has been reported that Daash has been trying to get control over the oil fields of Syria and Iraq. Daash already controls about 17% of the area that has oil refineries. According to Turkish department heads; “ oil is what helped Daash rise to this position.” Iraq got divided into three different parts; Kurdistan, northern Iraq which is controlled by the government in Baghdad and the areas that are under the control of Daash.

Having control of the oil and its related parts and things, the Daash would get control of the economy of Iraq which would make it the supreme power there. Due to these factors there has been a sharp decline in the oil exports of Iraq which is more than 300 thousand barrels a day.

Iraq is already facing a lot of issues due to the security condition there and with the decline in the oil exports; the country would be facing a lot. A lot of oil is being smuggled from the western region of Iraq. Iraq’s plans of reaching a place of high oil exports in the coming years don’t look possible now. Without proper planning things would get further out of control for Iraq, especially with being this rich in oil, it is very important to manage things properly.

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