Daash to Counterfeit The Currency of Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It is being reported that ISIS is counterfeiting the currency of Iraq to destroy its economy. Daash is using different war fares to destroy the Iraq and its economy and counterfeit currency efforts are one of them. This is the effort from Daash damage the image of Iraq by fake money in circulation so that it may lose its value at local and international level. Iraq is doing serious efforts to face the international challenges to its currency and economy.

The finance committee of Iraq and central bank of Iraq both are designing strategies to enhance the value of Iraqi dinar at local and international levels so that it could be traded and accepted by international traders without any hesitation. Iraq is already under pressure by decreasing prices of crude oil in the international market. The oil prices have direct impact over the economy of Iraq because of its sole dependence on its oil industry. If Daash succeeded in its mission to counterfeit the currency of Iraq, it will be a big loss. The governor of central bank said it is not possible for Daash to counterfeit Iraq currency as it was launched with the latest security measures.

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