Current Security Situation of Iraq and Economic Development Projects

Economic DevelopmentIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Recently a lot has been going on in Iraq which has developed a negative impact not only the locals but also the investors. The security incidents have lead most of the companies to withdraw their finance or either postpones any further business. With the economic and private sector working together things would turn out in a much better way.

Sami al-Araji said that the Integrity Commission needs to work together with the NIC for a better system of management for Iraq. According to Araji the military system has been a basic reason for the economic concerns. The military needs to be up to date because of the war conditions against the terrorists constantly prevailing in Iraq.

The government and the economic sector together understand the details that the people of Iraq have been facing a lot of issues due to the socio-political conditions since quite some time. By trying to get over with these issues they are trying to get over the different problems faced by the country. With high tariff prices the GDP would change and the building of relations with friendly countries and the other countries that support terrorism would prove helpful in future.

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