Currency Speculators and Iraqi Dinar Currency Condition in the Country

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The speculators are not giving a chance to Iraqi dinar currency to come back at normal position due to unstable situation in the Iraqi currency markets for coming few days against the U.S dollar. Point to be noted that this condition is constant for a long time due to the implemented policies of CBI. The Iraqi Central Bank is continuously selling foreign currencies at official rate, which caused a considerable difference in demand & supply in the Iraqi domestic currency markets. The speculators don’t care the importance of market stability, which seized the opportunity for significant improvement and taking advantage of the current market situation. It also created more critical situation for Iraqi government and increased violence on the streets in the country. It boosted current challenges and problems for Iraqi government.

Most of us know very well about the beneficiaries of the disorganization and fluctuation in the currency exchange rates. Most of the concerning people closely analyzed the case of unseeing slump in the Iraqi domestic currency market. The indicators are showing a clear picture that prices of food, luxury goods, cars and real estate have been increased significantly. The Prices of essential life saving drugs also rose and incurable, but the pharmacists can only give you the answer to this specific field. If the prices of general food items and basic goods move downward then demand of the U.S dollars will also be decreased. Most of the experts believe that current political crisis in the country and massive decline in the global oil prices also affected badly on the Iraqi economic condition and it also supported in the increase of the U.S dollars exchange rate against Iraqi dinar currency.

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