Currency and Trade Balance to be Stable in 2016 : Finance Committee

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A member of Iraqi Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission Najiba Najib issued a statement that there is not any kind of fear to Iraqi dinar currency against most of the major foreign currencies. She added in her statement that Iraqi dinar currency is getting stronger as the current price of Iraqi dinar is at 1200 Iraqi dinars per one U.S dollar or near to it. So, there is not any kind of threat for Iraqi dinar currency against a number of major foreign currencies. She assess about the next year budget 2016 that Iraqi Finance Ministry is managing everything related to the expenditure and revenues, but the Ministry hasn’t yet evaluated the oil price in the budget, because the reform package not completed the task in finding the problems that reduced the oil price in the budget 2015.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi also said on 17th August that Iraqi dinar currency has a most powerful strength because of our reserves of hard cash, although it is now dropping, but Iraq has the ability and potential because we also have a large amount of oil reserves. He added that there is not any threat in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S dollar currency and we will deal with Iron hands to currency conspirators. It has been announced on 28th August by a Parliamentary Finance Committee member that all the requirements have been completed for the delivery of corrupted files for public prosecution and judge the money laundering and funds transferring abroad.

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