Crude Oil Demands Go Down

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was shown according to a survey that the demand for crude oil is expected to go down during the coming year. The OPEC expects that during the year 2015 the usage of crude oil would lower and it would go down. According to the monthly report of the Petroleum Exporting Countries the demand for the raw materials would also be reduced in the coming year. It was reported that the fall of the oil would not be in small amount rather it would be up to 29.2 million barrels a day is almost one million barrels lesser than the level of production that is done every day.

According to the survey, the fall has already started and the people who work for the KSA oil companies know this. The KSA has released a detailed report that the demand for the oil has already lowered as the sales for the month of September were 9.704 million barrels a day and in October it was 9.69 million barrels a day. This issue has been discussed globally and the experts are trying to find out a solid reason for all those countries that would be facing financial issues due to the demand of oil going down.

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