Counterfeit Currency Stressing The Targets

Iraqi Currency NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News :– Iraq’s economy is undergoing an endless array of issues and counterfeit currency is one of the serious issues that the country is facing these days. There are several factors behind this serious issue and according to some experts low paper quality and easy to copy features are some of the factors behind the excess of counterfeit currency flowing in almost all parts of Iraq these days.

The Iraqi government has been taking several serious steps to eliminate the chances of counterfeit currency flowing in Iraq but so far these steps have proved insufficient and the government needs to take some other measures to avoid counterfeit currency flow in the country.

Judge Fathi Slain says in this connection that the issue of counterfeiting is quite a serious issue and the country requires serious efforts to cope up with that issue. If the government doesn’t take serious action against involve in this serious crime, it would be very difficult to meet Iraqi dinar and other targets in the coming days. The situation is very challenging these days, but it is not something that the country can’t deal with, but proper planning and strong action is needed in this regard.

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