Baghdad Provincial Council declares force budget


A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, on Friday, the budget allocated for the entry into force of the Baghdad provincial council. Said Mohammed al-Rubaie, a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council for “time”, that “the rest of the planned budget is 288 billion dinars has been divided into the construction of three hospitals and thirty-six schools andmethods of strategy for the districts,

and the Department of nearly 67 billion dinars to buy the mechanics of dedicated lines wastewater health. ”

And that “the work of the Council was clear where his money was distributed in this way, and this is the business is the business of the Council since direct its work in mid-July and last until now.”

He pointed out that “the decisions of the provincial council is not solitary, and laid the foundation stone for now some of the projects, as we started to refer some of the projects according to the official referral system.”

A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council that “the work of the provincial council is similar to the work of all other government institutions, in the absence of adoption of the budget, it remains the prerogative of the ministries of finance and planning at the request of the prime minister to give the power to exchange one twelfth of the budget speculative, provided that the disposal of these funds ongoing projects contracted by the state only. ”

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