Council of 17 And Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar RV NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Many of the people want to know the future of revaluation of Iraqi dinar after the membership of Council 17. Whether it will happen or not? In fact, people know that economy of Iraq will automatically grow after this membership. Hopefully revaluation will be needed. Iraqi dinar will regain its value in the international market, hopefully by the end of 2017. So if someone thinks that revaluation is a scam, he must know that Iraqi dinar will regain its value without revaluation after this membership.

Iraq is allowed to export its products in the European markets after this membership that was ban before. The economy of Iraq will definitely boost up after the membership because local and foreign investors will invest in the country more than ever. The oil ex[port will reach 7 million barrels per day by 2016 instead of 2017, the target set by Iraq. so investors will have to wait for more 2 years to get their profit even if the revaluation does not happen in the country within reason able time or as specified by many of the dinar experts. As far as my opinion is concern, Council of 17 is favorable for revaluation of Iraqi dinar.

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