The Constitutional Crisis Will Destroy The Budget of Iraq: Jubouri

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– The chair man of the commission on human rights, Jubouri warned that the continuous constitutional crisis will destroy the budget of Iraq and also economy of Iraq. The current year budget is facing severe constitutional crisis that need to be checked not only for today but also for future.  Unapproved budget is the major cause of number of crises in the country. The effects of this crisis can be short term and long term. It’s a barrier for economic activities in the country.

Jubouri demanded that budget must be approved in the next few days to make all the sectors of the country functional. The economic activities of Iraq can jammed permanently if this situation remained in the country for a longer period of time. If Kurdistan does not attend the budget meeting and parliament session and government postpone the budget to the next year, that means a deadlock and this deadlock may take country towards failure. The value of its currency is regaining its value in the international market after a long struggle and non approval of the annual budget will bring it back on the previous position. Jubouri said that there must be a law to protect the timing of the budget in future so that we may save our country from huge losses.

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