Commercial Bank Not Escaping From Iraq: G.M Commercial Bank

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The General Manager of the Commercial Bank Hamdiya dry has denied that they are planning to escape from Iraq. He said that there are unknown parties who need to destabilize the Iraqi economy. He issued this statement in an interview that we have noticed some baseless and false news published by some media channels. He also said that I am in Baghdad today and also donated blood for Iraqi people.

He further added that the main purpose of these fake news is to degrading the Iraqi Trade Bank and especially to destabilize the Iraqi economy, and some unknown parties are spreading such news to demoralize the Iraqi people. The media has published some fake news on 17th March 2015 that Hamdiya dry, the General Manager of Iraqi Commercial Bank is escaping from Iraq with his family members.

As far as the Iraqi Trade Bank is concern, the Bank was established in July 2003 having capital of 100 million dollars. Its capital raised in the year 2008, with the growing profits to half a trillion Iraqi dinars.

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