Chinese Companies to Participate in the Development of Infrastructure in Iraq

The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa Al Araji issued a statement that there is a big hope for Chinese companies to perform their most perfect role in the investment field and in the development of infrastructure in the country. He also said in his statement after a meeting with the Chinese ambassador Wang Yong that two sides need to improve their relationships. They discussed most common issues from both sides and focused in finding some ways to enhance relationship with joint collaboration in many sectors. Araji further stressed that we hope that Chinese companies operating in Iraq should perform their most perfect and active role in the investment sector and for infrastructure development in Iraq, especially we need their participation in the field of energy.

This sector has a much better potential of growth with increasing demand in this field. This sector has opened doors for a number of opportunities in Iraq, in the development and investment for the international companies. The Chinese ambassador Wang Young praised the continuous efforts of Iraqi government in providing much better flexibility level for the investors and investment companies. He added that we should enhance our cooperation in most of the Iraqi fields in order to strengthen our relationship. It was announced on Sunday 15th February 2015 by the Ministry of Municipalities that they are signing a letter of memorandum with China in order to finance for the infrastructure projects in the country.

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