Central Bank Strongly Denied any Smuggling in CBI operations

The Central Bank of Iraq issued a statement and denied any kind of Iraqi currency smuggling within the CBI operations. The statement from the bank said that some social media outlets have broadcast a video clip showing some Iraqi currency categories in boxes marked with the name of the Central Bank of Iraq triggered a crackdown on smuggling of the Iraqi currency. But, the Bank strongly denied any kind of smuggling under the CBI operations. The statement further indicated that the currency shown in the video clip doesn’t belong to the Iraqi Central Bank. It differs from the funds in Iraqi currency because of shape, size, color, and other features of the currency.

Central Bank Strongly Denied any Smuggling in CBI operations

It was also said that the Central Bank of Iraq followed up with the security authorities, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and embassies of the countries shown in the video clip. The statement pointed out that there are former cases proved by the security services, but those weren’t completely correct. It has been discovered that these papers haven’t been publicly displayed in any country. The bank said images and video clips just presented investigations. The central bank prints its currency in the role of and monitors its production. It starts with the manufacturing of paper to the final version. The Iraqi currency is being monitored & checked at every stage including tables and serial numbers until it is received in Iraq.

The Central Bank warned in its statement about the processes of confusion taking place in order to weaken the country. These types of false and disgraceful issues are harmful to its successful institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq. The recent attack against Iraqi currency came after the announcement of the bank’s growth in the reserves and control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. The Central Bank of Iraq called all media outlets to present accurate news because false or inaccurate news reflect a negative impact on the financial stability and banking system in Iraq.

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