Dubai is home to the Central Bank of Iraq next month

Dubai is home to the Central Bank of Iraq next month

Dubai is home to the Central Bank of Iraq next month

12.18.2013 (0:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / satisfaction Shammari

Iraqi Central Bank announced, yesterday, for the organization (the Second Annual Conference of the financial sector in Iraq), the end of January 2014the next in the Emirate of Dubai, in line with the growing strength of the growth of economic development in the country, noting that the conference aims to display his strategy for financial and economic development, and attracting investments and foreign banks for the country, while a bank official confirmed the British, on the importance of the creation of “comprehensive development” of infrastructure finance and banking to prop up the Iraqi economy, “a large and ambitious development process.”

The governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, Abdul-Basit Turki, according to the Web site reported medal East Bzenz News ME Business News for economic news, and I have read it (the long-Presse), “The Bank will organize the second annual conference of the financial sector in Iraq, in the Emirate of Dubai for a period of from 27 to January 28, 2014 the next, “noting that” the conference will be held with the participation of Iraqi officials and personalities from leading international experts in the field of banking, and financial executives to discuss financial investment opportunities available in Iraq.

He said Turki, “The conference will serve as a commercial site for the reception of foreign delegations and a rallying point for international investors seeking to implement commercial projects in Iraq,” noting that it “will provide a springboard to discuss the four-pronged task derived from the fact that rising energy to power the growth of economic development in Iraq, which includes resources and infrastructure Finance for major local projects, and the current status of the Iraqi banking sector, as well as the participation of foreign lenders and their role in supplying the projects. ”

The Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency, that “the central bank began its activity to launch a massive program to attract foreign investments to Iraq with paving the way for the entry of banks and foreign financial institutions,” pointing out that “the Central Bank will present at the conference strategy for the development of the financial and economic situation in Iraq, to ??highlight the importance of the role foreign companies in the domestic banking sector growth and development. ”

According to the site, that in “Iraq is now more than 16 international banks and seven state banks and 23 civil lending, with nine Islamic banks”, stressing that “the year 2012 the past, saw the risingnumber of banks, foreign investment in Iraq dramatically, as will Standard Chartered Bank British , distinguished presence at the conference after the opening of its first location in the capital, Baghdad. ”

The transfer site medal East Bzenz News, the Executive Director of Standard Chartered Bank in Iraq, Geffen and chart, saying that “the pace of growth of the Iraqi economy going around fast, and that the increasing oil revenues, which will be realized in the coming years will bring huge benefits to the country,” returned to “important sector which must evolve in the country is the overall development of the infrastructure of financial and banking that can assign a large economy and ambitious development process. ”

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, opened on 27 November 2013, the first section of the Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered British, in the capital Baghdad, emphasizing that it represents a “turning point” in the economic sphere, calling for banking institutions National to benefit from the experiences developed that can be provided by the bank.

The Standard Chartered Bank has announced earlier, the consent of the Central Bank of Iraq on his opening of three branches in the country, noting that it would be in both Baghdad and Erbil in the last quarter of 2013, the current, and then in Basra during the next 2014.

The bank Citigroup Citigroup U.S. banking services, announced on 24 June 2013, opening an office in Baghdad to become the first U.S. bank expands its services to include Iraq, betting in his step these economic opportunities, “long-term” in the oil-rich country, as quoted by the Financial Times newspaper.

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