Central Bank of Iraq has joined the IFC Sustainability Network

The Central Bank of Iraq has announced joining the IFC Sustainability Network. The statement has indicated that the Iraqi Central Bank has joined the Sustainability Network in the International Finance Corporation. It was also said that the sustainability framework defines the strategic commitment of the institution towards sustainable development through the adoption of environmental sustainability and social performance standards. The new move would keep abreast of international developments in this field. The CBI confirmed it’s joining the IFC Sustainability Network, which includes various developing and developed countries to implement the principles of sustainability mentioned in the Corporate Governance Guide 9 principles.

Central Bank of Iraq has joined the IFC Sustainability Network

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Financial inclusion will provide financial services to individuals and communities that are traditional and have limited access or no access to the formal financial sector. Governance applies powerful and transparent corporate governance practices. Capacity Building will develop individual and institutions to identify social and environmental risk management and opportunities associated with business activities. Collaborative partnerships with all sectors to take advantage of international partnerships will accelerate collective progress and improve the sector as a single unit. It will ensure the vision of the organization complies with international standards. The Reports review on a regular basis will enable progress tracking to meet these principles.

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