Central Bank of Iraq has Announced Entire Sale of National Bonds

The Central Bank of Iraq has announced the entire sale of national bonds. CBI further added that it will be revealed on the acknowledgement of national bonds after the finalization of its printing. The Central Bank said in a statement that it was the finalization of the sale of national bonds in the 2nd Al Asaddarah on behalf of the Iraqi Finance Ministry and the formal value until 9th May 2017. The Iraqi Central Bank further added that the finalization of national bond sale brings an entire run out Al Asaddarah. The CBI also said that it will be finally announced on the delivery of the national bonds after the completion of its printing. Point to be noted that the Bank issued national bonds in the month of April 2017 on behalf of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance of trillion Iraqi dinars to finance the Iraqi general budget deficit due to massive decline in the global oil prices.

Central Bank of Iraq has Announced Entire Sale of National BondsIt is important that Iraqi Liberal Bloc blamed that Saudi Arabia is looking to impose an American project supposedly at the countries in the region. The MP of the Bloc, Yasser Al-Husseini said in an interview on Tuesday that the alliance shouldn’t be considered new bringing together United States and Saudi Arabia. They are trying to blend the Saudi media and it is nothing, but just an attempt in creating the mobility of a regional direction the policy of Washington in the region. He also expressed distress for the Saudi Arabian position to support United States and Israel. He pointed out that Riyadh has been considered a part of an American project anticipated at Arab-Islamic countries. He also called the Arab League to take urgent step regarding the situation. He stressed that current U.S President Donald Trump is more opinionated than other former U.S Presidents.

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