CBI Weekly Auction Opens and Sold More Than 241 Million Dollars

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Sunday, the Iraqi Central Bank again started its daily foreign currency auction and sold more than 241 million U.S dollars in this auction. The Central Bank of Iraq issued a statement that the sold amount size was 241 million 85 thousand and 140 dollars on Sunday, with the selling price at 1166 Iraqi dinars exchange rate against one U.S dollar. This daily auction was took place with the participation of 22 banks and six other companies. The Iraqi Central Bank has pointed out that funds transferring and credits amount is recorded at 218 million 432 thousand and 142 U.S dollars. The total cash amounts sold in the daily auction have been recorded at 22 million and 654 thousand U.S dollars.

The Iraqi Central Bank also added in its statement that Central Bank of Iraq is continuously dealing in buying and selling of U.S dollars at the rate of 1166 Iraqi dinars. CBI further added that sale price of transferring funds was at 1187 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar including the Central Bank’s commission of 21 Iraqi dinar per one U.S dollar. So, the total amount of cash sales was recorded at 1190 Iraqi dinars per one U.S dollar including the Iraqi Central Bank’s commission of 24 Iraqi dinars per one U.S dollar. The Central Bank of Iraq is focusing to empower the Iraqi dinar by organizing the daily foreign currency auction at the Iraqi Central Bank.

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