CBI to Offer 5 Trillion Dinar Loans to Banks

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq has announced that Iraqi Central Bank will issue loans on Saturday amounting 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to the banks. According to the statement issued by the Iraqi central bank “we are ready to issue loans of 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to a number of Iraqi banks and this process will take place on Saturday”. Bank also said that a major conference will be held on next Saturday and it is expected that a number of decision will be taken in this conference including the issuance of 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to agricultural, industrial banks and real estate sector.

The Bank also added in their statement that a large number of participants would attend this important conference including Deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Shaways, the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank and concerning agencies. The Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Finance, Minister of Housing and Minister of Industry would also participate in this conference. It is also expected that members of Iraqi Finance Committee, Iraqi and Foreign businessmen and local and foreign investors would attend this major and important conference. The most important decision is expected that Iraqi Central Bank has agreed to issue loans for Iraqi Agricultural, real estate and Industrial sectors amounting 5 trillion Iraqi dinars.

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