CBI to Implement Cash Management Policy

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- Most of the Economic experts issued their statements on the issuance of the large amount of bank note categories. They predicted that the project of printing 50,000 Iraqi dinar notes by the Iraqi Central Bank is a part of Bank’s monetary policy and it would also help to support the Iraqi economy. The Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank announced yesterday during a meeting with the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission that the CBI has planned to execute the project of printing new currency of 50 thousand Iraqi dinar notes category. It would help to enhance the effectiveness in the payment system.

The Iraqi Central Bank, Parliamentary Finance Committee, and Economic & Investment Commission are in the favor of printing new notes. They said that the country needs large amount of bank notes because it would reduce counting and handling problems of large amount of cash. The Economic Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Saleh issued a statement that these trends are not a part of CBI monetary policy but it will help the Iraqi citizens and management in the Iraqi payment system, so it is considered as Cash Management Policy. He further said that it is noticed that 90 percent of large amount category is in the circulation and it will help in counting, managing and handling the large amount of cash.

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