CBI Sold more than 33 Billion U.S Dollars in 2016

On Sunday 1st January 2017, the Iraqi Central Bank has announced that total sales amount of the U.S dollars during the year 2016 was estimated at more than 33 billion U.S dollars. The CBI said in a press statement that the total amount of U.S dollars sold by the Iraqi Central Bank to a number of Iraqi banks since the beginning of 2016 is calculated on 31st December 2016 and the total amount is 33 billion 523 million 710 thousand and 489 U.S dollars. The statement further indicated that the total sale amount of U.S dollars at the same date decreased in the year 2015 which was 44 billion 147 223 000 and 185 U.S dollars. The total sales amount transferred to the accounts in the banks abroad with the cash sales price including the commission of Iraqi Central Bank at 1190 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar.

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It is important that the UN Security Council has passed a resolution and declared that Iraq has to pay its dues payable since 2010. A statement issued from the UN Security Council that the Resolution was passed with 2335 votes. It undoubtedly reaffirms its call to the Iraqi government to pay their remaining amount without further delay if contacted by the beneficiaries or their representatives. The Security Council pointed out that the Iraqi government to provide the acceptance of goods certificates which was served by the United Nations since 15th December 2010. It was also said that the considerable amount of delay was supposedly due to not being able to locate the beneficiaries. First report of implementation regarding this resolution will be submitted on 30th March 2017 and final report will be presented after 3 months. This decision allows the UN Secretary General to maintain the accounts that keeps the money in those accounts until June 2017.

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