CBI Proposes New Terms for the Dollar

An Iraqi parliamentary finance committee member stressed that the Governor of Sarhan Slevana said in a statement that the Iraqi Central Bank should sell the U.S dollar at official rate both in Baghdad and in the Kurdistan Region. The Governor Sarhan further said that the Central Bank is selling more than 100 million dollars per day at the official rate, which is estimated at 116 thousand 600 dinars per 100 U.S dollar. But the Central Bank of Iraq is not selling U.S dollars for the Kurdistan region and the Kurdistan region is facing problems because the U.S dollar exchange rate have reached nearly more than 1300 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar in the black market.

The Kurdish member further suggested in the Iraqi Council of Representatives of the Finance Committee that the Iraqi Central Bank should manage equally with Erbil and Baghdad regarding the foreign currencies selling rate and amount especially selling in the U.S dollar at the official rate. According to him, the Central Bank is selling almost 17 percent of the suggested amount to the Kurdistan region at the official rate. The downfall in the oil prices globally created too many problems for Iraqi economy.

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