The CBI Is Looking To Enhance Daily Auction Sales

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – The Iraqi Finance Committee has declared a statement that the cabinet is looking to enhance dollar sales to 125 million dollars instead of 75 million dollars to decrease its value. The Finance Committee also pointed out that the current rise in the dollar price will not continue and there is a shift to reduce its price against the Iraqi dinar. The finance Committee Maseed Haider also said that there is a dissimilar perception between the Minister’s Council and Iraqi central bank on the 2015 budget law, which restricted the Central bank on daily auction sale at 75 million dollars per day.

He further said that we are expecting for its change in the near future because the Iraqi Central Bank wants 125 million dollars sales per day auction. It will participate to reduce the dollar price. He also indicated that this sudden rise in the dollar price is not for a long time and there is a susceptibility to reset its price against the Iraqi dinar. He said that it would affect the foreign currency dealers. The Iraqi Central Bank is looking to maintain the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S dollar.

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