CBI Issues 50K Dinars Category Currency Notes

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– On Wednesday, the Central Bank of Iraq has announced about the issuance of new currency 50K Iraqi dinars and it is considered the highest value currency among the currently circulating currency in the country. The Central Bank issued a press statement that CBI is much delighted to announce the issuance of new Iraqi dinar currency of 50K category. This process would empower the banknotes structure and increase in the development of circulating high category currency. The new note of 50K will be printed in 156×65 mm length and mostly in brown color except Framework decorations and high quality paper including all the standard security features.

The Iraqi Central Bank also said in statement that dates (1436 AH) and (2015 AD) added on this new currency with the signature of the Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Ali Mohsin Ismail. The new currency is being issued under the law of the Central Bank of Iraq with Arabic language of Khmson thousand dinars. He also added that a picture of a paddle wheel Euphrates and Palm trees is placed at the center of banknote, another picture of Kurdistan Falls also added at the right side of the front face of the currency. A thread of 4 mm width in the middle of banknote and it changes the color from green to blue. It is also said that a metal bar extending from the top with the sharp transparent monetary width of the paper with a Palm tree. The number of category changes color when you angle the banknote. A watermark of head of horse is at the left side of the front face and at right side of the back side on the currency.

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