CBI Governor has signed a new MOU with Yunin B

The Governor of Iraqi Central Bank Mohsen Al-Alak has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Yunin International International in order to participate to the development of smart payment technologies and electronic payment services in the country. Yunin B has been considered one of the largest companies in China. The company is also the third biggest international company issuing and collecting cards. The Central Bank of Iraq issued a press statement that this agreement came in the light of the one of the major strategy of the Iraqi Central Bank in order to develop payment services and opening the new ways of work and competition for various international companies to actively participate in the implementation of current and future plans for the electronic payment sector. It would also contribute to the development of this sector and the transfer of expertise owned by this company to the Iraqi market, which facilitates the payment and transfer of funds smoothly and smoothly.

CBI signed MOU with Yunin B international

The process will use cards to promote trade between Iraq and China as well as various domestic and international remittance services. The statement further indicated that the company intends to enhance the collection of card purchases through traders using the latest technologies developed by the company over the years in mature and promising markets. He added that supporting international companies and organizing their work in Iraq will contribute directly to providing the best services and providing effective competition in this field. The statement further indicated that this is the third memorandum signed by the bank in 2018 with international card companies as part of its plans to expand the use of high technology to enhance card work and develop payment systems in accordance with best international practices.

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