CBI Cheif Meets With World Bank And IMF Officials in Washington

Iraq NewsCentral bank of Iraq announced that the governor of central bank Abdul basit Saeed participated in the meeting with World Bank and International Monetary Fund to discuss monetary and fiscal issues. The meeting proved beneficial and productive as declared by central bank of Iraq. The World Bank and IMF appreciated the economic and fiscal policies of Iraq.

The growth rate of Iraq is better than all other Middle East countries according to central bank of Iraq. Moreover the expected growth rate of Iraq is also higher than other countries of the world in the same region. World Bank criticized the government and parliamentary finance committee of Iraq for useless criticism on the policies of central bank. Some sources report that IMF passed a bill of $355 million inb the favor of Iraq to fulfill the deficiency of budgetary gap but still we have not received any official statement from IMF or from central bank of Iraq. Iraq dinar is being trade at 1164 rather than 1166 against a dollar in the international market that shows the result of productive policies of central bank of Iraq that stabilized Iraqi dinar in the global market.

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