Capital Bank of Jordan Opening New Branches in Iraq

Iraqi NewsThe central bank of Iraq is struggling hard to attract international banks and other foreign investors to invest in the country and open new branches in the different cities of Iraq. Central bank of Iraq opened its office in the Dubai to attract different foreign banks to open new branches in the country and also to provide awareness for available business opportunities in Iraq for these banks.

This is the result of the efforts made by central bank of Iraq that many of the foreign banks are now operating in the country. The Lebanon commercial banks have also applied for opening new branches in Baghdad and some other cities of Iraq. The Capital Bank of Jordan has recently announced that it is interested in the banking sector of Iraq and showed its interest to open new branches in the country. The Capital Bank of Jordan is already operating in the different countries of the world especially in the Middle East. It is good to know that Capital Bank of Jordan is going to start its operations in the banking industries of Iraq. The opening new branches in the Iraq will assist the international trade companies in their business operations.

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