Canadian Government to resettle 1,200 Yezidi Refugees from Iraq

On Tuesday, the Canadian immigration minister issued a statement that Canada will resettle more 1,200 Yezidi refugees. These Yezidis had experienced maltreatment by the Islamic State terrorist group. Point to be noted that Canada had already resettled at least 400 refugees in the country. The Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussein said that “our operation is under way and a number of individual survivors of Daesh have been arriving in Canada for resettlement in the past couple of months and Canada is welcoming these refugees from 25th October 2016. He added that the government of Canada had shown its willingness in resettling at least 1,200 highly mistreated survivors of Daesh and their family members in Canada. The recent step has been initiated to follow the last fall resolution of Parliament to bring in Yezidis who are experiencing killing & slaughtering in Iraq by the Islamic extremist groups “Islamic State and Daesh”.

Canada to welcome 1200 Iraqi refugees

The Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussein said in a news conference that the major objective was to bring women and girls who are at risk. He added that Ottawa had monitored that Daesh and other terrorist groups were also targeting boys, so we are looking to help and resettle all child survivors of Daesh. He said that all migrants are arriving from commercial flights with controlled numbers in order to prevent devastating the refugee system in Canada.

The expected cost of this operation has been estimated at more than 21 million U.S dollars (Can$28 million). Point to be noted that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has resettled at least 40 thousand Syrian refugees since he became in power in late 2015. Hussein also added that a number of measures including security checks and medical examinations have been taken for Yezidis. He said that most Yezidis are Kurdish-speaking minority and they are neither Muslim nor Arab, so Islamic State is considering them irreligious skeptics.

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