Can Ismail deliver as a Governor of CBI?

Central BankIraqi Dinar 123 News:– The news of new appointment of central bank of Iraq is rumoring in the media and online sources. It is said that Dr. Ismail is nominated as new governor of central bank of Iraq. The old governor Abdel Basit was known by rigid behavior toward economic policies of Iraq. He did not allow finance committee of Iraq to take part in the economic development of Iraq by suggesting valuation economic plans for the country.

He started a cold war with the finance committee of Iraq that is also responsible for the economic development of Iraq. Finally the World Bank had to jump in the matter to resolve it in the favor of Iraq. The new government doesn’t want to take this kind of risk from old governor of CBI and therefore they are willing to appoint Dr. Ismail as new governor of central bank of Iraq. Most of the people are asking whether Ismail be able to deliver the things that Basit could not do in his time period. The experts consider it as a positive step on the part of government because a trustee and peaceful environment is the basis of success.

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